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Sp 1 C5A Examencito de Vocabulario – martes, el 4 de abril

Extra Credit for proof of activity:

Written portion

Write about a member of your family. Tell their name, relationship to you, how old they are, what they like to do during their birthday party and what decorations there are at the party. (You must use at least 4 vocabulary words (4 pts) and have correct grammar (4 pts).

Sp 2 Examencito de C4A Vocabulario – miercoles, el 5 de abril

Sp 3 Relationship web – martes, el 28 de marzo


Sp 2 Examencito de Peru – martes, el 4 de marzo

Sp 1 C4B Examen – martes, el 28 de marzo

Review previous quizlet posted on C4B

Review previous grammar links for C4B, regarding Jugar and Ir a + infinitive

Sp 1 C4B Examen de hablar – lunes, el 27 de marzo

Sp 3 Examencito de C4A vocabulario – miercoles, el 29 de marzo

Extra Credit for proof of activity:

Sp 1 C4B Examencito de gramatica – miercoles, el 22 de marzo

Try the Basic Quiz:

Sp 2 C4A Examencito de vocabulario – miercoles, el 5 de abril

¿Con qué jugabas de niño?  ¿Cuāntos años tenías cuando jugabas con esas cosas?

Sp 2 Presentacion de Peru

You will also make a presentation to the class in Spanish about your essay topic with  6 sentences in Spanish and at least 5 pictures. It must be memorized. You may put English translation on your slides. Extra credit for extra sentences.

This will be a summary of what you learned when researching for your essay and one of the most interesting facts that you learned.

At the time of presentation you will turn in one multiple choice or true/false question that you think is important enough to put on the quiz.