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Sp 2 Presentacion de cultura (Peru) – lunes, el 10 de noviembre

Presentation will include a finished product (either slideshow, poster, pamphlet, song, video or other) for 10 points, a verbal presentation consisting of 5-7 sentences in Spanish giving a brief synopsis of what you learned while researching your theme for Peru.

Student have some freedom with the finished product.  Some write the English translation of what is said in Spanish, others may use only photos or drawings. Students should consider their audience and plan the most interesting presentation possible.

Sp 3 C2A Examencito de Vocab – martes, el 4 de noviembre

Quizlet (Contains some vocab from C2b)

Escriban de uno de los artistas. Write about one of the artists that you learned about in class.  Tell what form and/or genre of art the artist makes, what the artist used to make the art, who or what influenced the art or the themes of the art, and the feelings that their art gives you.  Use as much of the vocabulary on p 104 as possible.

Joan Miro

Dina Burzstyn

Carlos Enriquez

Diego Rivera

Osvaldo Guayasamin

Francisco de Goya

Diego Velazquez – Las meninas

Salvador Dali

Sp 2 C1B Examen – jueves, el 30 de octubre

Review previous blogs for links to Quizlet to practice vocabulary and C1B Grammar to practice the following:
Comparisons –
tan + adj +como
tanto/a/s + noun + como

the verbs to know, to be familiar with
saber vs. conocer

tell how long something has been happening
Hace + time + que + present tense

Review sheet handed out in class will be reviewed before test.

Sp 2 Examencito de hablar – hoy, el 28 de octubre

Be ready with photo and info on activity.

Sp 2 – Ensayo de cultura – lunes, el 27 de octubre

The final draft of the essay is due on Monday. Refer to the document below for guidelines.  See specifically where it says it must contain an Introductory paragraph, at least 2 body paragraphs per person and a concluding paragraph.  If you are the only person in your group you must have a minimum of 5 paragraphs total.

Keep in mind the sub-themes and questions that are found on the Cultural Themes page — make sure you relate any data that you present to how it affects culture.

Sp 3 Presentacion de cultura – lunes, el 27 de octubre

Here you will find the guidelines and instructions for the project.

Sp 3 Quizzipoo – C2 Recycle p 64-65 martes, el 21 de octubre

Here are some quizlets that might help:


Tan… como…

Mas… que / menos… que

Tan/tanto(a)(s)… como… (Read tutorial and take basic quiz)

Mas/menos… que…(Read tutorial and take basic quiz)

Sp 2 C1B Examencito de gramactica – miercoles, el 22 de octubre

Tan (tanto/a/s)… como

Saber vs. Conocer

Hace + time + que

Sp 3 C1 Written Test – jueves, el 9 de octubre

miercoles – vamos a estudiar y escribir ensayo de cultura.

Review previous blogs for C1A vocab, C1A grammar, C1B vocab and C1B grammar

Sp 3 C1B Speaking Test – martes, el 7 de octubre

We will write scripts on Monday.