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Sp 3 Quizzipoo p16-18 – jueves, el 8 de septiembre

p 16

p 18

Preterite: hacer, dar, ver, -car, -gar, -zar, ir/ser

Sp 1 PE Speaking

Use the following link to connect to Flipgrid where you may record your responses to all 3 scenarios.

Sp 2 p 14 Recycle vocab

Sp 1 Examencito de PE p1-13 – lunes, el 29 de agosto

Know :

Greetings (p2-4)

Classroom sayings (6)

Numbers (7)

Time (8)

Body parts (9)

Classroom vocabulary (10)

Alphabet (12)

Sp 3 PE Examencito – miercoles el 31 de agosto

Exhaustive with all verbs:

Present tense : irregulars in “yo” form (see p. 3)

present tense: ser and estar

Present tense: ir, decir, oir, tener (see p. 3)

Present tense: stem-changing verbs: e>i, o>ue e>ie

Reflexive verbs: afeitarse, banarse, cepillarse, despertarse (ie), ducharse,lavarse, pintarse, ponerse, secarse, vestirse (i) (see p. 7)

Verbs like “gustar” (encantar, gustar, importar, interesar) (See p. 11)

Possessive Adjectives (see p. 12)


Sp 2 PE Examencito – lunes, el 29 de agosto

Vocab for PE –

Adjectives (see p. 3)

The verb “ser” (see p. 5)

Nationalities (see p. 6)

Present tense of regular verbs (see p. 9)

Question words –

Frequency words (see p. 10) – a menudo, a veces, el (los) fin(es) de semana, siempre, despues de, nunca, todos los dias





Spanish 1, 2, 3

Bienvenidos. Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. I am excited to get to meet you and help you start building your language skills.  My goal is that you would have fun while you understand and produce spoken and written Spanish and learn about Hispanic culture.  What you learn in this class will open the door for you to communicate to 329 million native Spanish speakers that exist in our world.