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Sp 1 C1A Examencito de gramatica – viernes, el 30 de septiembre



Agreeing Disagreeing

Refer to Practice quiz

Sp 2 Recycle vocab p42

Sp 2 Vocabulario C1B

Sp 3 C1A Examencito de gramatica – martes, el 27 de septiembre

Verb Drills

Sp 2 Cultura – Argentina

Sp 1 – Cultura -Overview of Spanish-Speaking countries – Presented jueves, el 22 de septiembre

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Study Guide


Sp 2 Speaking Test – Due martes, jueves

Due midnite on Tuesday

Memorized script – Performed on Thursday


Sp 2 – Examencito de C1A Gramatica – lunes, el 19 de septiembre

Stem changing verbs:




Affirmative / Negative Words

Sp 1 C1A Vocab Quiz -viernes, el 16 de septiembre / Presentacion – lunes, el 19 de septiembre

Extra Credit: Bring proof (your name on a screen shot or a live activity) that you did a quiz or other activity on Quizlet and receive 2 extra credit points.

In the margin of your Scantron write a dialogue between you and a friend, wherein you:

1) ask your friend what he likes to do

2) he responds with two activities

3) you ask him what he like to do most

4) he responds

5) and you either agree or disagree

Use the vocabulary that we learned in this section in complete sentences.

Sp 3 Examencito de C1A Vocab – jueves, el 15 de septiembre

Extra Credit for bring proof of an activity on Quizlet

Written portion:

Write a short essay about an adventure that you have had in nature.  Answer the following questions. Be sure to use as much vocabulary from C1A as possible. (OJO- Watch your
¿Adónde fuiste?
¿Con quién fuiste?
¿Qué trajiste?
¿Qué tiempo hacía?
¿Qué hiciste?