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Sp 2 Examencito C1B Vocab – period 7 – miercoles, el 8 de octubre

Be prepared to write an essay about an extra-curricular activity. 1) Name the club or group, 2) mention what the people in the group are called, 3) tell what the people do (conjugate to present tense), then 4) name someone in the group and tell how long (hace… que) they have been in the group.

Sp 3 Examencito de gramatica C1B – viernes, el 3 de octubre

Preterite Vs. Imperfect

Sp 3 – Ensayo de America Central – el 10 de octubre

Essay must be complete with Introductory and Concluding paragraphs. Students should write a minimum of 3 paragraphs each.

Check out professional Writing Scoring Guidelines (Rubric):

Click to access _ap07_spanish_lang_writing_speaking_sgs_final.pdf

Sp 2 – Peru – Topics due viernes, el 10 de octubre

In 1-3 sentences give me the topic sentence of your essay. Also include 3 resources that you plan to use (1 must be in authentic Spanish).

Sp 3: Examencito de vocab C1B – jueves, el 25 de septiembre

I already received a quizlet. If you did another one or made flashcards, bring them to class for extra credit.

Written section: Think of a championship that you watched or played in. Tell when it took place, who made a great effort, who eliminated who, who obtained the prize, and how the players that won or lost (you choose) felt.

Sp 2: Recycle p 42-43 – quizzipoo jueves, el 25 de septiembre

Extra credito for proof of activity on Quizlet or other site

Sp 2 C1A: Examen de hablar – lunes, el 22 de sept

We will perform the spoken version in class. You may allow me to check over your script before or after school.

Sp 2 Examen de C1A – viernes, el 19 de sept

Review links on C1A Vocab and Grammar. Know stem-changing verbs meanings and conjugations.

Sp 3 Examencito: C1A Gramatica – viernes, el 19 de septiembre

Verbs in preterite
Irregular preterite

y verbs

e-i, o-u

Sp 2 C1A Examencito de Grammatica – martes, el 15 de septiembre

Check out these links for Stem-changing practice

Practice Affirmative and negative words