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Sp 3 Examencito de gramatica C2B – jueves, el 3 de diciembre

Ser and estar (contrasting uses)

When a noun follows the verb, use ser
When an adjective follows the verb, decide between “essence” and “condition”
To tell where something is from, use ser
To tell where something is located right now, use estar
To tell where an event is taking place, use ser

Verbs with different meanings in the preterite vs. imperfect


Sp 2 C2b Examencito de vocabulario – miercoles, el 2 de diciembre

Sp 3 C2B Examencito de vocabulario – martes, el 23 de noviembre

Extra Credit for bringing proof that you used quizlet to study:

Written portion – Write a critical review of a concert that you have attended. Include the name of the band and how much the tickets costed. Comment on the rhythm, the lyrics or the melodies. Tell what the band sounds like or what they appear like. Describe how the audience reacted to the music. Pay attention to preterite and imperfect.

Sp 2 C2A Examencito de gramatica – lunes, el 23 de noviembre

Reflexive verbs

Ser vs. Estar

Sp 3 C2a Examencito de Gramatica – miercoles, el 18 de noviembre

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Past participle used as Adjective

Sp 2 C2A Examencito de Vocabulario – jueves, el 13 de noviembre

For extra credit, bring proof that you did it (has to contain your name):

Sp 3 – C2A Vocab Quiz – miercoles, el 11 de noviembre

E. C. for proof that you worked with quizlet – must have a username that looks like your name.

Writing Prompt: (This requires some research.)

Write about one of the artists that you learned about in class. Tell what form and/or genre of art the artist is known for, what the artist used to make the art, who or what influenced the art or the themes of the art, and the feelings that their art gives you. Use as much of the vocabulary on p 104 as possible.

Sp 3 Los artistas hispanohablantes –

There will be a quiz one day late next week that encompasses the typical work of these 11 artists. You will be shown a piece of art and must identify the artist from a list.

Sp 2 Recycle Vocab Quizzipoo – lunes, el 9 de noviembre

Use this quizlet to study for the quizzipoo

Sp 2 – C1B Test – miercoles, el 4 de noviembre

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