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Sp 2 p 154 recycle

Sp 3 C3A Speaking- miercoles, el 1 de febrero

You will make a video giving commands about how to do something.  The video should contain formal or informal commands (tú,  usted, ustedes) but must remain consistent throughout the video.  You must demonstrate what you are commanding and give 6 commands using 6 different verbs. Must contain at least one negative.

Sp 3 C3A Examencito de gramatica – viernes, el 27 de enero

For the following links, click on “Basic Quiz” in the left margin for practice:

Tu + Commands, tu – Commands

Usted, Ustedes +,-

Sp 2 C3B written test – martes, el 31 de enero

Review quizlet for vocabulary

From the links below, select “Basic Quiz” on the left margin for extra practice:

Direct Object Pronouns (DOPs)

Preterite (ir/ser, hacer, tener, estar, poder)

(Click “Generate quiz”)


Sp 1 C3B Written test – martes, el 31 de enero

Review quizlet for vocabulary

Click on “Basic Quiz” in left margin for more practice in the links below:

Adjective Agreement


Sp 1 C3b Speaking test -lunes, el 30 de enero

Record Scenario 1 on Flipgrid

Record Scenario 2 on Flipgrid

Sp 2 Cultura de Peru

Sp 2 Culture


You will be writing an essay with the research that you have investigated on your subject.  After choosing a topic, you will gather the information that you wish to use for your essay and arrange it in a format like this:

Outline Exact information from source Information paraphrased/

summed up

I. Intro – Thesis statement      
II. Main idea #1      
III. Main idea #2      
IV. Main idea #3      


You will turn in a table like the one above that will be graded like this:

Congruent outline – 5 points – The main ideas are related and organized in a way those make sense to the main thrust of the essay.

Cohesive Thesis – 5 points – You specifically mention your main ideas in your thesis and do not say “I am going to talk about…”

Exact information from source- 6 points – You cut and paste only the relevant parts of your research to this section of the table.  You may have a lot of information and as a result, the table seems lopsided.  That’s ok, but try to weed out what you don’t need before you turn this in.  You will use this table and only this table when you write your essay so make it “user-friendly”

Information paraphrased/summed up – 4 points – Use this to help you make your writing day easier.  If you want to put phrases (not whole sentences) here that you can use in your essay, you may.

Citations – 5 points – These may be from Wikipedia and at least one other source. You must give me enough information (url, author, title of book, journal, etc.) so that I may easily locate where you got this information.

Total __________/ 25

Essay – Writing day

When you enter, you will be allowed to use only your table to hand write essay.

Essay will be graded as follows:

Did you relate your topic to how it affects or is affected by the culture/people/way of life of the country? 5 points

Introductory paragraph. Does the introductory paragraph have a hook (an interesting fact, a thoughtful question)? is 3-5 sentences? Contains a proper thesis statement? 5 points

Body.  Do each of the three paragraphs start with a clear, concise topic sentence? Do all of the following sentences support the topic sentence? Are the body paragraphs 5-8 sentences? 10 points

Conclusion. Do you restate your thesis and then highlight why this information is so important? Do you answer the question, “so what?”—in other words, what is the relevance to culture? Is this paragraph 3-5 sentences long? 5 points

Presentation – Is the essay clear enough to read easily? 5 points


Sp 1 C3B Examencito de gramatica – miercoles, el 25 de enero


Adjective agreement

Sp 2 C3A Examencito de gramatica – martes, el 24 de enero


preterite of poder, estar, tener, hacer

Ir ser preterite

Sp 3 Comida- Due dates below

Choose recipe and partner – 1/19

Click on “Leave a Comment” below and post your recipe for the class to review. – 1/20

Food day (Bring prepared food and index card refer to project handout.  I will provide plates, plastic ware, cups, napkins) – 1/23

Reflections (refer to project handout) on your experience and video for extra credit- 1/24