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Sp 2 C1A recycle – quizzipoo – miercoles, el 2 de septiembre

Sp 3 Examencito de Capitulo PE – jueves, el 3 de setiembre

The following links are good reference for what is on the quiz, but what is better is that the “Basic Quiz” that you can take will test your understanding.

Present tense

Irregular yo verbs

Stem-changing verbs


Verbs like gustar

Possessive Adjectives

Sp 2 Period 2 – OOOOPS!!!!

I accidentally gave you the Sp 3 Practice quiz.  Below is the Sp 2 practice quiz.  We will review it in class on Friday and take the quiz after everyone has had an opportunity to ask questions.

Sp 3 – Nationalities adjective quiz – miercoles, el 26 de agosto

Crossword puzzle format.  Make sure you know the nationalities and can adjust them depending on gender and number of the noun they describe

Sp 2 Examencito de Para Empezar – viernes, el 28 de agosto

Complete practice quiz.

Extra Credit- bring proof that you used to study vocabulary.  You must have a user name showing that looks like your real name.  Bring screen shot or print off of what you did online. (The final screen is fine.)

Sp 3 – PE vocabulary list & grammar worksheet

Sp 2 – PE vocab list

Sp 2 & 3 – Nationalities

Sp 2 – Inclass estiramientos

Spanish 2 & 3 – Bienvenidos – Signatures due viernes, el 21 de agosto

Welcome to my class.  I am excited to get to know each of you better and watch as you develop your skills in receiving and producing both written and spoken Spanish.

Your first opportunity to earn points in my class will be to read over the Guidelines for Success in Spanish and request that your parents read and sign the cut-off portion to be turned in this Friday, August 21.