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Sp 2 Question Words


Sp 3: Examencito PE – jueves, el 28 de agosto

Verbs irregular in the “yo” form – After reviewing, click on 50. a. Basic quiz

Stem-changing verbs – After reviewing click on the tab to the left “a. Basic quiz” (Know the verbs on page 5 and how they change.)

Verbs with reflexive pronouns

Verbs like Gustar: interesar, encantar, importar

Possessive Adjectives

Sp 2: Examencito Para Empezar – miercoles, el 27 de marzo

Present Tense

Question Words



Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Ciudades y paises hispano-hablantes

Central America

South America

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Helpful phrases for the class (en espanol)

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Download “Para Empezar”

We will start with the book next week. Please make sure you download the first chapter, Para Empezar.

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Guidelines signature due lunes, el 18 agosto

Bienvenidos al ano 2014-2015. Please read the Guidelines for Success in Spanish and ask your parents to read and sign that they have read. It is your first grade, worth 10 points. Please detach the form and return ASAP, by Aug. 18. Gracias y Estoy emocionada de ser tu profesora este ano. 🙂