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Sp 3: Drive packet with all the verb forms due Wednesday

Sp 2: Cuento para ninos

Rough Draft due Thursday
Final copy due the day after rough draft is returned (Tuesday)
Try this link for some websites that feature book illustrations:

Sp 3: Culture quiz – The southwest and northern Mexico- 14 de febrero

Complete and review your study guide.

Sp 2 C4 (Listening test) 15 de febrero

Study vocabulary

Sp 2: C4 Test (Written) – 14 de febrero

Complete handout from class.

Sp 3: Chapter 4 Test- el 8 de febrero

In addition to your review sheet, you may use your online text. Click on “More practice”.
Study vocab 1 & 2 for the chapter.
Here are some additional activities:
-Present Progressive
-Past Progressive with Preterite
-Se + IDOP + verb
-Present Perfect Indicative
Present Perfect Subjunctive

Sp 2: C4 G2 Quiz – viernes, el 8 de febrero

Reflexive pronouns: Read tutorial and try Basic Quiz

Past Participles used as adjectives: Read tutorial and try Basic Quiz

Preterite – verbs like caer: Spelling changes i->y in the bottom two forms.

Sp 3 Food days

Because of the Academic Team Holiday, Period 3 and Period 5 will both have food days on Tuesday. Please let your classmates know. If that presents a problem for some students, they may bring in their dish on Wednesday.

Chapter 4 Test will still be on Thursday.

Sp 2: Tarea 2/1