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Sp 2 Quizzipoo C1B Recycle (p42) – viernes, el 2 de octubre

Sp 2 – Proyecto de cultura: Peru

martes, el 30 de septiembre – Table including one main point with one resource and citation

lunes, el 3 de octubre – Topic sentence and three main points with resources and quotations due

lunes, el 12 de octubre – Rough draft due with intro, body and conclusion and MLA works cited page. On this day, we will do peer-editing.

lunes, el 19 de octubre – Final copy is due with MLA works cited page

lunes, el 26 de octubre – Products are due with Spanish oral presentation

Sp 3 – C1B Vocab – viernes, el 2 de octubre

For EC, bring in an activity, quiz, or test with your sign-in name that looks like your real name from Quizlet:

Writing prompt:
Think of a championship that you watched or played in. Tell when it took place, who made a great effort, who eliminated whom, who obtained the prize, and how the players that won or lost (you choose) felt. (Address each item in bold above using the  preterite and as much vocabulary from C1B as possible.)

Sp 2 Examen de C1A – miercoles, el 23 de septiembre

Review your practice quiz and vocab and grammar review from this chapter.

Sp 3 C1A Grammar – jueves, el 24 de septiembre

Click on the links below for tutoring.  For extra practice click on the “Basic Quiz” within that section.


Irregular preterite

Stem-changing preterite

Sp 2 Examen de Hablar – Changed to martes, el 22 de septiembre

Please note that the speaking test has been changed to Tuesday so that we can practice with the grammar concepts that will be on Wednesday.

Sp 2 C1A Examencito de gramatica – jueves, el 17 de septiembre

Present tense Stem-changing verbs




Affirmative / Negative words

Worksheet – Practice

Practice Quiz

Sp 3 C1A Examencito de Vocabulario – jueves, el 17 de septiembre

For extra credito, do an activity or test with Quizlet using a username that looks like your real name and show me a screen shot before the quiz.

Write a short essay about an adventure that you had in nature. Answer the following questions:

¿Adónde fuiste?

¿Con quién fuiste?

¿Qué trajiste?

¿Qué tiempo hacía?

¿Qué hiciste?

Sp 2 C1A Examencito de Vocabulario – jueves, el 10 de septiembre

Extra Credito for proof that you practiced with Quizlet

Study guide

Sp 3 Quizzipoo – Recycle vocab p16-19 and preterite – viernes, el 11 de septiembre

p 16

p 18

Regular preterite endings

Hacer, dar, ver (keep in mind, dar and ver are “twins”)

-car,-gar,-zar in the “yo” form