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Sp 2 Examencito C3b vocab – miercoles, el 9 de marzo

New/Improved Quizlet link:

Be ready to give simple directions from CC to a nearby location in writing.

Sp 3 Examen C3 – miercoles, el 2 de marzo






Tu +, Tu- Commands

Ud./Uds. Commands

Pronoun placement with commands




Sp 2 Argentina Quiz – Thursday/Monday

The quiz will be given on Thursday.  If a snow day – Monday!!!

Study Guide

Sp 3 -C3B Speaking – Due Monday

This is due Monday.  Snow day or not!!!!



Sp 2 – Children’s story Rough draft – Due Monday

The rough draft is due with the English version. Snow day or not!!!!!

Sp 2 -Argentina Speaking Presentation

You will be presenting in Spanish the main ideas of your essay.  You should have a minimum of 5 sentences in Spanish memorized.

You may use a note card with bullet points — no sentences.

You must present 1-3 pictures or a SHORT VIDEO.

See example

15 points


Sp 3 C3B Examencito de Gramatica – miercoles, el 10 de febrero

Sp 2 Recycle vocab/grammar p154-155 quizzipoo-martes, el 9 de febrero

Sp 2 Argentina Essay in English – jueves, el 4 de febrero

Argentina project

Wednesday – Research.

Write anything that you will need for your paper on note cards or notebook paper.

Cite the source(s) on your notes.

Thursday – Write.

Using the notes that you took in class on Wednesday (on paper– no ipads allowed), you will write a short essay.  You will turn in your notes and the paper must not have the same wording as your notes.  You also must have every piece of information documented in your notes (no extraneous information that cannot be verified from your sources).  Paraphrasing is encouraged.

Essays will include the following:

Introductory paragraph (with an attention grabber and thesis sentence)

At least three body paragraphs with clear topic sentences (refer to the link above)

A concluding paragraph (restating your thesis and stating why this information is important)