Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sp 2 Examencito C4A Vocabulario – miercoles, el 4 de marzo

Dos puntos extra credito para hacer una actividad en:

Sp 3 C4A Vocabulario – viernes, el 14 de febrero

Sp 2: p 182 Quizzipoo – miercoles, el 12 de febrero

Sp 2 C3B Test – viernes, el 7 de febrero

Practice with DOPs
Practice with commands
Practice with Present Progressive

Sp 3: p 154-157 Vocab and grammar Quizzipoo – lunes, el 10 de febrero

Practice grammar with this quizlet:

Sp 2: C3B Speaking test – miercoles, el 5 de febrero

You will choose option 1 or 2 from hat and perform it from memory. Please bring your rubric.

Sp 3: Examen C3B – martes, el 4 de febrero

On this test will be the vocabulary for this chapter and all of the subjunctive forms that you have been exposed to. It is a review of what you have already learned.