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Sp1, Sp2, Sp3 – Exams

Listening exam – lunes, el 12 de diciembre

  • (In case of Snow day, we will not have listening exam)

Speaking exam – martes, el 13 de diciembre

  • (In case of snow day on Monday, we will still have speaking on Tuesday)

Midterm review due – miercoles, el 14 de diciembre

Pre-writing practice – jueves, el 15 de diciembre

Written exam – viernes, el 16 de diciembre a las diez de la manana

Sp 1, 2, 3 Video – viernes, el 2 de septiembre

Here is the link to the video we watched in class on Friday.

Sp 2 C1A Examencito de Vocab -lunes el 12 de septiembre


Sp 3 PE Examencito – miercoles el 31 de agosto

Exhaustive with all verbs:

Present tense : irregulars in “yo” form (see p. 3)

present tense: ser and estar

Present tense: ir, decir, oir, tener (see p. 3)

Present tense: stem-changing verbs: e>i, o>ue e>ie

Reflexive verbs: afeitarse, banarse, cepillarse, despertarse (ie), ducharse,lavarse, pintarse, ponerse, secarse, vestirse (i) (see p. 7)

Verbs like “gustar” (encantar, gustar, importar, interesar) (See p. 11)

Possessive Adjectives (see p. 12)


Spanish 1, 2, 3

Bienvenidos. Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. I am excited to get to meet you and help you start building your language skills.  My goal is that you would have fun while you understand and produce spoken and written Spanish and learn about Hispanic culture.  What you learn in this class will open the door for you to communicate to 329 million native Spanish speakers that exist in our world.

Sp 3 C4 Written Test – miercoles, el 29 de abril

img009Review previous link for vocab and grammar.
Also, do review text p 198, Core Practice 61-62

Sp 3 C4 Listening Test – martes, el 28 de abril

We will work on scripts in class on Monday. Seniors– this is your final exam speaking test.

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Culture essays are due Tuesday

Due to the cold day, I am extending the deadline for the culture essays to Tuesday. No excuses!

Sp 3 – Proyecto de Cultura – Research due 2/6

Sp 3 C3A Speaking – lunes, el 2 de febrero

You will make a video using either video recorder or iMovie giving commands about how to do something. The video should contain formal or informal commands (tú, usted, ustedes– think about your audience!) but must remain consistent throughout the video. Give 6 commands using 6 different verbs. This must include at least one negative command. We will watch videos on 2/2.