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Sp 3 Presentacion video – lunes, el 3 de febrero

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Sp 2: C3B Examencito de gramatica – lunes, el 1 de febrero

Direct Object Pronouns for people

Present progressive w/irregular present participles

Irregular “tu” commands

Sp 3: C3B Examencito de gramatica – viernes, el 24 de enero

Period 1: Practice for Grammar quiz –

Regular Subjunctive

Regular and Stem-changing Subjunctive

-car, -gar, -zar spelling changes in Subjunctive

Espero que ustedes saquen buenas notas en el examen. 😉

Quizlet for stem-changers

Sp 2 C3B Examencito de Vocabulario – miercoles, el 22 de enero

Sign on to quizlet and do activities for extra credit:

Sp 3 C3B Examen de vocabulario – jueves, el 16 de enero

The following quizlet contains all C3 words. You may work with this one for EC or if you would like to make a quizlet on C3B only, use a sign in with your name in it and you will receive EC.

Sp 2: p 154-155 Quizzippoo martes, el 14 de enero