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Sp 2 Midterm Preparation

Present tense Stem-changing verbs

Reflexive verbs

Tan/tanto(a)(s)… como

Affirmative and Negative words

Ser vs. Estar

Saber vs. Conocer


Peru Culture

Writing prompt – Write about two of the three topics below. Each short paragraph should contain at least 6 sentences, of at least 5 words each. Include good vocabulary and show mastery of the grammar points covered in class. Write neatly and proofread. (15 pts each essay)
A. Discussing your daily routines. Focus on reflexive verbs. Specifically mention when you take a shave, how you dry your hair, what you use to fix your hair and what you use to brush your teeth, and other activities. Use time and sequencing words like first and later.

B. Write a note to a friend who has bad grades. Use at least 4 two-verb expressions to give him advice on what he should do/ needs to do / can do / and has to do in order to do well at school. Mention something you always do and something you never do- by way of advice and contrast!

C. Describe the kind of clothing you like. Then tell about a shopping trip last week. Describe at least 1 item you found. What did you try on? How did it fit? Describe at least 1 item you bought. How much did it cost? Tell how you paid for it.

Sp 3 Midterm Review

Midterm Review

Know vocab on text p 58,104

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Verbs that mean something different in Preterite vs Imperfect

Ser vs. Estar


Iztaccihuatl y Popocatepetl