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Sp 3 C4 Tests

Sp 3 C4 Speaking – martes, el 2 de mayo

Sp 3 C4 Written – miercoles, el 3 de mayo

Review C4a & C4b grammar

Subjunctive with emotions

Por vs. Para

Nosotros commands

Sp 3 C4b Nosotros commands – miercoles, el 26 de abril

Review concept at the above link, then click on “Basic Quiz” for more practice.

Sp 2 C4b Examencito de Vocab – lunes, el 1 de mayo

E.C. for proof of your activity on quizlet:

Written prompt:

Write about how your family used to behave at your birthday parties when you were younger.  (Use Imperfect).  Did you ever have a surprise party?  How did you greet each other? Did anyone tell jokes?  laugh? Did you get along with everyone at the party? Did you have fun?  Was there a picnic? fireworks? Did relatives give you presents or tell you congratulations? Did the adults chat? How did you say goodbye? Feel free to address any of these questions in four sentences using the vocabulary from section 4B and four different complete sentences.

Sp 1 C5b Examencito de vocabulario – lunes, el 1 de mayo


Sp 3 C4B Examencito de vocabulario – martes, el 11 de abril

Sp 2 C4A Examencito de gramatica – martes, el 11 de abril

For extra practice with regular and irregular imperfect, click below, scroll down and click on “Generate unique quiz”.

Sp 3 C4A Examencito de gramatica – jueves, el 6 de mayo

Verbs of emotion with subjunctive (Just to name a few)

Practice the subjunctive (click on the link below, then scroll down and click to generate a quiz)

Por vs. Para