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Sp 2 C1B Verbal Presentation – lunes, el 2 de noviembre

You will make a Prezi or PPT with key phrases like the one I made in order to talk about your favorite pastime. Include a pic for each slide with only the key words that I have included in mine– the rest will be memorized.

Tel  Tell what activity you participate in. (2 pts)
·         Tell how long you have been attending practices, lessons, meetings, rehearsals, etc. (2 pts)
·         Tell what you have to know (using saber) to participate (2 pts)
·         Tell what or who you know (using conocer) because of that activity. (2 pts)
·         Make a comparison or contrast (más/menos… que…, tan/tanto/tanta/tantos/tantas…como…) between your activity and another activity (2 pts)
·        Photos of you in action. (2 pts)
·         You may say extra for extra credit.
·         You may use the Prezi or PPt as a prompt but must memorize the text in Spanish.

Sp 3 Quizzipoo – miercoles, el 28 de octubre

Recycle p 62 & 64 Grammar on p 63 & p 65

Sp 3 Recycle p 64

Sp 3 Proyecto America Central – Due dates

lunes, el 26 de octubre – Proposal of theme and topics due

lunes, el 2 de noviembre – Table with Outline and Research

lunes, el 9 de noviembre – Rough Draft with Works Cited page – attach table

lunes, el 16 de noviembre – Final copy with “Works Cited”, rough draft and table

lunes, el 23 de noviembre – Presentation with Product

Sp 2 Culture Presentation – martes, el 27 de octubre

Your presentation must include a product:
* Pamphlet
* Video – skit
* PPT or Prezi
* iMovie flip book
* 3D Arte
* Poema /Rap
* Música
* other (feel free to suggest other ways to present!)
Each student will sum up what he wrote about in his essay in about 4 sentences – in SPANISH.

Sp 3 Recycle vocab – Translate from Spanish to English – due viernes, el 23 de octubre

I am sorry for my unplanned absence. You may work on researching your for your culture essay and translate the following terms writing the English and the Spanish.

Vocab p 62

Sp 2 – Examencito de gramatica – lunes, el 26 de octubre

Practice tricky grammar concepts below.  Read tutorial, then click on “Basic Quiz” on the left:

Tan + adj + como / Tanto/a(s) + noun + como

Saber vs. Conocer (only #1-14 on the “Basic Quiz)

Hace + time + que

Sp 3 Examen de C1 – lunes, el 19 de octubre


Preterite practice:

Preterite vs. Imperfect:  Scroll down to the blog Sp 3 C1B Grammar and click on the links for Preterite vs. Imperfect

Sp 2 – Rough draft, essay due lunes, el 12 de octubre

In class on Monday, you will exchange your papers for peer editing.  Bring 3 copies of essay.

Sp 3 C1 Speaking Test – martes, el 13 de octubre

You will learn on student’s lines for both scenarios of the speaking test and pick out of a hat which scenario to perform with your partner.  Each student will be graded for their own lines. Extra credit is available for going above and beyond verbal expectations.