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Sp 1 and Sp 2 — 10/31 Día de muertos 

Watch videos and complete worksheet in class. We will discuss on Tuesday.

Sp 2 Argentina Presentation – viernes, el 28 de octubre

Sp 3 C1 Speaking

Sp 1 C2A Examencito de Vocabulario- jueves, el 27 de octubre

Extra Credit for proof that you did an activity – Your name must be on it.

Sp 3 C1 Test -jueves, el 27 de octubre

Study quizlets for C1A and C1B

Study Grammar concepts, then scroll down to take a practice quiz. You must know all preterite and imperfect!!!! Practice the entire UNIT 6


Sp 2 C1 Test – jueves, el 27 de octubre

Study Quizlets

Study grammar: After studying concept, scroll down to “Generate Quiz”

Stem-changing verbs

Verb Drills

Verb Drills

Verb Drills

Affirmative/negative words in context

Comparison of equality


Saber vs. Conocer

Hace que

Sp 2 C1B Speaking – Due lunes, el 24 de octubre medianoche

Flipgrid is due on Monday at midnite.

Sp 1 Exam de C1A & C1B – viernes, el 21 de octubre

All vocabulary and grammar that we have learned within these two sections are fair game:

For vocab, study:

For grammar, study:

Negatives text p 36

Expressing agreement/disagreement p 38

Definite/indefinite articles p 60

Word order/placement of adjective p 62



We will also BRIEFLY go over the review guide tomorrow before the test.  Bring questions.


Sp 3 C1B Examencito de gramatica – viernes, el 21 de octubre

Preterite and Imperfect – Here are a few links to remind you of the forms of preterite and imperfect and when each is used.

Under each section, there is a “Basic Quiz”.  Click on it for practice and feedback.






Sp 2 C1B Examencito de gramatica – jueves, el 20 de octubre

Click on the links below for more practice with the following:

Equalities/inequalities (tan/tanto/a/s… como, mas/menos… que)

Saber vs. Conocer

Hace + time+ que + verb in present tense (It’s been… since (I’ve/you’ve/we’ve/they’ve been, He/she has been)