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Sp 3 C4A Examencito de Gramatica – martes, el 31 de marzo

Subjuctive with verbs of emotion

Por vs. Para

Practice quiz answer key

Sp 2 C3B Examen – martes, el 31 de marzo

Look through previous posts to for practice quizzes and…

Study quizlet for C3B

Study affirmative “tu” commands

Study DOPs

Present Progressive

CP 67-70

Sp 2 C3B Speaking Test – lunes, el 30 de marzo

Sp 3 C4 Relationship Web – martes, el 24 de marzo, Examencito miercoles, el 25 de marzo


Relationship Web

Sp 2 C3B Examencito de gramatica – lunes, el 23 de marzo

In addition to the practice quiz given in class, check out these practices:

Irregular affirmative “tu” commands – Read text, then select “Basic quiz”

Regular affirmative “tu” commands – Read text, then select “Basic quiz”

Direct Object Pronouns

Using Commands with Direct Object Pronouns

Sp 3 p 154-157 Quizzipoo – miercoles, el 18 de marzo

Know this vocab:

Know these translations:

Sp 2 – C3B Examencito de vocabulario – miercoles, el 11 de marzo

Be ready to give directions from CC to someplace close, using 4 sentences and 4 different verbs.

Sp 3 C3 Examen – miercoles, el 11 de marzo

Review quizlets for vocabulary for  C3A and C3B.

Review post for Grammar for C3A and C3B.

Sp 3 Speaking Test – Video – martes, el 10 de marzo

Sp 3 – Examencito de C3B gramatica – miercoles el 4 de marzo

Check out lessons 18-20. Read, scroll down and click on “Generate quiz” when ready.