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Sp 2: Quizzipoo on C1 Recycle -martes, el 3 de septiembre

Here is the quizlet to help prepare you for the quizzipoo on the C1 Recycle section that will be announced soon:

Bring scantron

Sp 3: Quizzipoo on p16-19 jueves, el 5 de septiembre

Here is the quizlet for the quizzipoo on C1 Recycle that was moved to Thursday:

I included the set of vocab on p 18-19 also.

Bring Scantron.

Sp 2 – Question words

Sp 3: Examencito PE – jueves, el 29 de agosto

    Quizlet for extra credit



Sp 2: Examencito PE – miercoles, el 28 de agosto

Must do:

Practice quiz

May do for extra credit:

For more practice do Guided Practice workbook p. 11-14

Review Quizlet and bring proof (printed grade, if quiz or end screen shot with your username [username must be recognizable]).


Generate practice quiz for conjugations of present tense: -ar, -er, -ir verbs

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Helpful phrases in class

Click on the link below to learn some helpful phrases for Spanish class.

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Bienvenidos al año 2013-2014

Welcome to Spanish 2 or Spanish 3! We are in for a great year of new experiences and learning for you and me. To start this year off, please read and ask your parents to read the Guidelines for Success in Spanish. To receive full credit for your first assignment, turn in the signature portion on or before Monday, August 19. (Please remove only the signature portion. Thank you!)