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Sp 2 Conversacion: Wednesday, April 4

Be ready to share 2 items of news with the class.  Another student will ask you a related question and you will reply.

Sp 2 C5 G2 Quiz: Tuesday, April 3

Negative Expressions:

Hace + que – Expressions of Time:

Sino and Pero:

Sp 3 Speaking Test: Monday, April 2

Refer to the handout given on Thursday.  If you need help, come see me.

Sp 1 Restaurant Day: Tuesday, April 17

Remember to bring what you signed up to bring.

Sp1 C6 V1 Written Dialogue Quiz: Wednesday, April 4

Do quizlet for Extra Credit:

Sp 2: C5 V2 Quiz – Tuesday, March 27

How about quizlet for Extra Credit?:

Sp 1 Chapter 5 Test

Chapter 5 Speaking test 3/22

Chapter 5 Written and Listening Test 3/26

Review vocab using quizlets and p 184-195 – Preparate para el examen – Review Sheet given in class.

See me before or after school in room 227 for additional help — or to just review with friends.

Sp 3 C5 V2: Quiz Thursday 3/22

How about turning in quizlet proof for extra credit?:

Sp 2 C5 G1: Quiz Tuesday, 3/20

Poder & Traer:

Reflexive pronouns:

Possessive pronouns:


Sp 1 C5 G2 Quiz: Tuesday, 3/20

Estar w/prepositions:

Negation words:

tocar & parecer: