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Sp 3 C5B Vocab

Sp 1 Final Review

The final exam will cover vocabulary and grammar from chapters 3A-6A.

Sp 1 Speaking video w/Flipgrid link

You will make a video of your bedroom and describe different elements of it using the vocabulary from chapter 6A.

Choose 8 items from your room and tell where they are in relationship to each other. Use complete sentences. (estar + preposition)(4 sentences)

Use the verb ser talk about permanent characteristics of an item (size, color, shape)(Be careful with gender). (1 sentence)

Use the verb tener to say how many of something you have. (1 sentence)

Use tener to say how many of the same thing someone else in your family has. (1 sentence)

Make a statement comparing (more/less) your possession to that of your family member. (1 sentence)

Say either that your ___________ (something in your room)is/are the best or the worst (Be careful with gender) because you can (poder) ______. (1 sentence)

Sp 2 c5b Vocabulario


Sp 3 Final Review

Vocabulary and grammar concepts are from Chapters 3A-5A.

Sp 2 Exam Review

Final Exam is from 3A – 4B & 5B. Know all the vocab and grammar from these sections.


Sp 3 C5A Grammar – miercoles, el 17 de mayo,-MI-jobs.html

Present Perfect

Past Perfect (Pluscuamperfecto)

Sp 2 C4AB Test – lunes, el 15 de mayo

Indirect Object pronouns

Preterite vs. Imperfect (regular -ar, -er,-ir and ver, ser, ir)

Reciprocal pronouns


Sp 1 C5A & B Examen – jueves, el 11 de mayo

Vocab (no e. c. available)



possessive pronouns

ser vs. estar

Sp 1 Family album -lunes, el 8 de mayo

Make sure to have your printed, color, final copy of your family albums in hand on Monday at the beginning of class.   Include a title page, rewrite or type the paragraph about yourself and describe 5 people with 5 pics. (Check out the requirements on your handout.)