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Sp 3 C3b Examencito de vocabulario – jueves, el 4 de febrero

Provide proof of doing activities with quizlet for extra credit:

Written portion:

Your friend needs to get in shape for baseball season. Write a letter to him telling him two (2) things that he should do and two (2) things that he shouldn’t do. You must show that you know how to make a statement telling what your friend should or has to do and that you can make simple commands in the affirmative and negative forms. (El párrafo debe contener mínimo 30 palabras.)

Sp 3 Speaking “How to” – lunes, el 1 de febrero


Sp 2 C3a Speaking – viernes, el 29 de enero

Here are the questions:

Sp 2 C3a Speaking

Record them on Flipgrid here:


Sp 3 C3A Grammar quiz – miercoles, el 27 de enero

Tu +, Tu- Commands

Ud./Uds. Commands

Pronoun placement with commands

Sp 2 C3A Examencito de gramatica – martes, el 26 de enero

Direct object pronouns

Preterite of ir / ser

Preterit of hacer, tener, estar, poder


Sp 3 C3A Examencito de vocabulario – miercoles, el 20 de enero

Written portion – Write about a time in the past when you had to go to the doctor. What were your symptoms/problem? (Use preterite or imperfect carefully here.) If you did what the doctor suggested, tell what you did If you did not, tell what you did instead. Minimum of four sentences. (8 pts)

For E. C.:

Sp 3 Food Project – Post recipe here


Commit to recipe  and post recipe- jueves, el 14 de enero

Bring in food – martes, el 19 de enero

Extra Credit shopping trip – martes, el 19 de enero

Comment on another recipe miercoles, el 20 de enero

Sp 2 C3A Examencito de vocabulario – viernes, el 15 de enero –

Written portion: Using the preterite, tell where you went and what time you went, what time it opens or closes and what you did there, including as much vocabulary as possible.

For EC, show proof of doing activities with quizlet:


Sp 2 p 126 Quizzipoo – viernes, el 8 de eneroRecycle vocab

Sp 3 Quizzipoo miercoles, el 13 de enero p 108 & 110 Recycle vocab

p. 108

p. 110

Grammar – Try out the Basic Quizzes on the links below.

Direct Object Pronouns (DOPs)

Indirect Object Pronouns (IDOPs)