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Sp 2 C4A Examencito de gramatica – jueves, el 28 de abril

Regular imperfect (-ar, -er/-ir)

Irregular imperfect (ser, ir, ver)

Indirect Object Pronouns (IDOPs)

Sp 3 C4 Written Test – miercoles, el 29 de abril

img009Review previous link for vocab and grammar.
Also, do review text p 198, Core Practice 61-62

Sp 3 C4 Listening Test – martes, el 28 de abril

We will work on scripts in class on Monday. Seniors– this is your final exam speaking test.

Sp 3 Exam Review

Sp 2 Exam Review

Sp 3 C4B Examencito de gramatica – jueves, el 23 de abril

Nosotros commands

Possessive pronouns

Link for Practice quiz – Answer Key – Click below

Sp 2 C4A Examencito de Vocab – miercoles, el 22 de abril

Quizlet for E.C.

You will be answering a couple of questions on the quiz.

What might I ask you about when you were a child using the words we have worked with in class?

Sp 2 Recycle vocab p 182-183 – quizzipoo miercoles, el 15 de abril



Sp 3 C4B Examencito de Vocabulario- jueves, el 16 de abril

SENIORS – GP 129-136, CP 56

Quizlet for e.c. – Make sure you sign on with a username that looks like your name or no credit.

Written portion:

On your Scantron in the green margin, tell me about a time when you had a conflict with your friend.
Include your relationship with your friend before the conflict. Tell what happened, what it was about. If it was resolved,
tell me how it was resolved. If it was not resolved, what happened instead? What is your relationship with your friend like now? The short answer should address all of these points thoroughly using vocabulary from this chapter and should contain
around four sentences.