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Sp 2 C4A Examencito de vocab – martes, el 5 de abril

Extra credito: Traigan la prueba

Written prompt:

Think about a conflict that you have had with a friend. Tell what happened, what it was about. If it was resolved, tell me how it was resolved. If it was not resolved,
what happened instead? What is your relationship with your friend like now? The short answer should address all of these points thoroughly using vocabulary from this chapter and should contain around 4 sentences.

Sp 3 Examencito de C4A Grammar -martes, el 5 de abril

Verbs of emotion as bingers (triggers) for the subjunctive.

por vs. para (click on Basic quiz for extra practice.)



Sp 2 Direcciones – Speaking assessment

Period 2


Period 3

Sp 2 C3b Examencito de Gramatica – jueves, el 17 de marzo

Direct Object Pronouns

Irregular Tu + commands

Present Progressive

Sp 3 Examencito C4A Vocab – jueves, el 17 de marzo

No E.C. for using Quizlet this time, but here is the link so you can study:

5 pts E. C. for making a greeting card including preparing an envelop to send the card to your friend (must include a stamp). I will send the card after applying extra credit to your Q4 grade.

If you missed class on 3/16, here is what we did:

Sp 3 Examencito vocab/grammar 154-157 – jueves, el 10 de marzo

Here is all the vocab for this section, including the different meanings of those verbs that change when used reflexively:

Reflexive verbs

Reciprocal construction practice