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Sp 3 Written review for Final

Sp 2 Written review for Final Exam

Sp 2 & Sp 3 – Examen de Escuchar – martes, el 20 de mayo

Review vocabulary

Sp 3 Examen de Hablar – lunes, el 19 de mayo

Nuevo empleo – Estás hablando con un compañer sobre los trabajos que te interesan.
Student A: Ask Student B what job he wants to do during the summer.
Ask Student B which qualities he has for the job.
Ask Student B what he has done in order to prepare him for the job.
Respond saying that you had applied for a job, then state why you cannot work in the summer.

Student B: Respond to Student A stating which job you want.
Respond mentioning your qualities.
Respond by saying what you have done. Ask Student A if he has applied for a
summer job.

Ayudar a la comunidad – Estás hablando con un compañero de las personas que pueden ayudar a mejorar la comunidad.

Student A: Ask Student B what he believes are some of the most serious social problems in the world.
Give your opinion of Student B’s response. (It is sad/important/impossible that…)
Respond to Student B indicating that there are many community centers but that one does ____________________. Advise that we do more of that.

Student B: Respond to Student A saying what you think the most serious problem is.
Ask Student A what he proposes to fix that problem.
Respond to Student A’s suggestion with some emotional statement. (It is good that/make me happy that/surprises me that…). Next, explain why you think that.

Sp 2 Examen de Hablar – lunes, el 19 de mayo

Tragedia: Student A is a television news reporter reporting on a tragedy. Student B is a witness on the scene.
Student A: Tell what the incident was and when it occurred. Introduce Student B to tell more.
Ask if anyone was injured.
Tell what the conditions were when the tragedy happened. (Say that it was raining, snowing, there was smoke, etc. when the incident suddenly started. Use imperfect and preterite together.)
Ask if there were any heroes.
Student B: Tell about what you saw. Include what happened and what rescue workers did.
Say unfortunately that ______ were injured and/or killed.
Tell what, if anything, was destroyed.
Respond affirmatively saying that the brave hero saved someone.

La sala de emergencia: Student A is the doctor and Student B is the patient in an emergency room.
Student A: Ask Student B how he feels (present tense) and what happened to him (preterite).
Tell Student B that the x-ray shows that he broke a particular bone and sprained another body part.
Say what a shame.
Respond affirmatively and say that you put a cast on him.

Student B: Tell the doctor what you were doing (imperfect) when the accident happened (preterite).
Ask Student A if he gave you stitches and tell him that something hurts you.
Ask Student A if he prescribed some medicine for the pain.

Sp 2 C5B Examencito de Gramatica – martes, el 13 de mayo

Irregular preterite

Past progressive with preterite

(ser/ir) (dar) (ver)
Fui Di Vi

(querer) (hacer) (venir)
Quise Hice Vine

(poner) (poder) (saber)
Puse Pude Supe

(decir) (traer) (conducir)
Dije Traje Conduje

(tener) (estar) (andar)
Tuve Estuve Anduve
Pretérito. Irregular. Ya yo sé los verbos.

Sp 3 C5B Examencito de gramatica – martes, el 13 de mayo

Present perfect of Subjunctive (Click on link and then click on “Take a Practice Quiz”

Demonstrative Adjectives/Pronouns

Sp 2 C5B Examencito de vocabulario – jueves, el 8 de mayo

Quizlet for E.C.