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Sp 2 Examencito de Vocab 2B – lunes, el 4 de noviembre

Extra Credito

    Practice activity for quiz that we did in class

See if you can figure this out again. Look at the little clues: gender and number, opposites, verb conjugations

Sp 3: C2B Examencito de grammar – lunes, el 4 de noviembre

Ser vs. Estar

Verbs that change meaning in preterite vs. imperfect especially part “L”

Check text reference pages for the conjugations of poder, querer, saber, conocer in both preterite and imperfect.

p 488,491,492

Jeopardy Review

Sp 2: Quizzipoo C2B Recycle- martes, el 29 de octubre


Sp 3: Examencito de C2B Vocabulario – lunes, el 28 de octubre

For extra credito. Choose one or do them both:

This quizlet is a bit different. It is Spanish to Spanish. I would recommend you do the activities that DO NOT require you to produce the language. (It may be a bit cumbersome.)

This is a quizlet containing all the vocab from C2, including the vocab you have already seen in C2A.

Sp 2 Quizzipoo: martes el 22 de octubre -Possessive Adjectives/pronouns

Refer to the table on p. 88 in your text.
Take this Basic quiz:

Practice done in class:
¿De quién es?

Leamos/Escribamos Completa la conversación con el pronombre posesivo más apropiado.

Special Characters
¿Es esta camisa azul la mía?
No, papá. No es (1) .

¿Sabes de quién es? ¿Es de tu hermano?
No, no es (2) .

Te queda muy bien, Roberto. Creo que es (3) .

No, papá. Tampoco es (4) . Es de Chato.

Bueno, ¿de quién son estos libros en el piso? ¿Son (5) , Roberto?

Son míos y de Sofía. Son (6) .

Christopher Columbus correction

I said that he landed in the Bahamas and that might be true, but according to one source he saw Haiti and Cuba.

“He imagined Haiti was Japan and Cuba was the tip of China.”

Sp 2: Examencito 2A Gramatica – lunes, el 21 de octubre

Reflexive verbs:

Level 1:
Level 2:

ser vs. estar:

Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:

Possessive Adjectives:

(Keep in mind that in this activity what the authors are calling “the pronoun” is the same form as the adjectives that we studied in class. In other words, the form is the same but the way that it is used in the sentence is different. Do not worry about how it is used right now. Simply be able to put the correct form in the blank.)

Sp 3: Examencito 2A – martes, el 15 de octubre

Check out quizlet for e.c.

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Estar + Participle

Sp 2: C2A Examencito de vocab – jueves, el 8 de octubre


Also review practice quiz: