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Sp 3: Cuadro – se presentan martes, el 8 de octubre

Working with a partner or on your own, paint a representation of an historical moment containing at least 3 symbols. Include in the presentation:
* la obra
*el titulo
*el tema y por que lo escogieron
*que se ve en primer plano
*que se ve al fondo
*que representan los simbolos que incluyeron

Sp 3: Homework Due lunes, el 30 de septiembre

Guided practice w/b p 52-54, 56, 58

Sp 2: Homework Due lunes, el 30 de septiembre

Guided practice w/b p 55-60, 62,64

Sp 3: Extra Credito Guided practice p. 41-44

Reading and doing the activities on theses pages will help you to get more practice using the Imperfect and help you to distinguish between the use of the Imperfect vs. the Preterite Tenses.

Sp 2: C2A Recycle Quizzipoo p. 70-71 – viernes, el 27 de septiembre

Sp 3: C2 Recycle p 62-65 Quizzipoo – viernes, el 27 de septiembre

p. 62

p. 64

Be ready to compare/contrast 2 different works of art using mas/menos… que & tan/tanto(a)(s)… como.

Sp 3: Examencito – martes, el 24 de septiembre


Preterite vs. Imperfect

Sp 2: Examencito de C1B – mieroles, el 24 de septiembre


Tan / tanto.. como… (Expressions ofequality)

Saber vs. Conocer

Time expressions with hacer

Sp 2: Ningun(o)(a) and other negations

Learn the meanings and be able to put them in context with this Quizlet.

Sp 2 C1A Recycle

Practice quizlet for funsies: