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Sp 2 C5B Examencito de vocabulario – jueves, el 5 de mayo

For E.C. bring proof with your name on it showing that you practiced with quizlet.

Writing prompt:  Write a dialogue between you and a friend about a time when you were hurt.  Your friend asks you what happened.  You respond that you either crashed into something, fell, tripped on something or cut yourself (remember to use the reflexive pronoun with those verbs that are reflexive and put verb in the tense that you use for past completed actions). Your friend asks you how you felt (use verb to feel in the tense that is used for past description). Tell your friend that (a) body part(s) ached you (in the tense that is used for past description), but now it is/they are (present tense – temporary) better.


Sp 3 C5A Examencito de Vocabulario – jueves, el 5 de mayo

Another way to say it:

List of all vocab in Chapter 5:

Writing prompt:

Write a letter to a potential employer, include what position you are applying for, what type of work you want to do, whether you want to work full-time or part-time, what skills you have, when you can complete an application and an interview. Use as many vocabulary words as possible referring to those words in bold above.

Sp 3 Presentacion de cultura – miercoles, el 27 de abril

Be ready to present 5-7 sentences in Spanish with at least 3 pictures, other visual aid, a song or a food.  Make sure to make the communication clear in English. If you want to do the presentation bilingually , you may– or just put some words that might be tricky on the presentation.  Have the presentation ready on your ipad when you come to class on Wednesday.

Sp 2 – C4B Examencito de gramatica – miercoles, el 27 de abril


Quizlet of preterite/imperfect endings

Preterite vs. Imperfect Practice

Reciprocal pronoun practice

Sp 3 Final Review – Seniors


Sp 3 -Proyecto Caribeo – miercoles, el20 de abril

Project to be done in class on Wednesday and Thursday. Further explanation forthcoming.

Sp 3 C4B Examencito de gramatica -martes, el 19 de abril

(Read tutorial, then take the “Basic Quiz”– links to quizzes are on left side of page)

Nosotros commands –  “Let’s”

Possessive pronouns

Sp 2 C4B Examencito de Vocab – miercoles, el 20 de abril

For E. C. bring proof that you have done activities with your name showing:

Written portion: Did you ever have a surprise party?  How did you greet each other? Did anyone tell jokes?  laugh? Did you get along with everyone at the party? Did you have fun?  Was there a picnic? fireworks? Did relatives give you presents or tell you congratulations? Did the adults chat? How did you say goodbye? Feel free to address any of these questions in four sentences using the vocabulary from section 4B.

Sp 3 C4B Examencito de vocabulario – martes, el 12 de abril

For E.C. bring proof that you did some activity with the following quizlet, including your name used online on the copy or pic.

Written portion:

Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with your friend. Include your relationship with your friend before the conflict.  Tell what happened, what it was about.  If it was resolved, tell me how it was resolved.  If it was not resolved, what happened instead?  What is your relationship with your friend like now?  The short answer should address all of these points thoroughly using vocabulary from this chapter and should contain around 4 sentences.

Sp 2 Examencito de gramatica C4A – miercoles, el 13 de abril

Regular Imperfect


Indirect Object Pronouns (Review and do the Basic quiz 44. a.)