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Sp 3 p 154 & 156

Sp 2 Vocab p 182

Sp 3 Caribeo- examencito martes, el 21 de marzo

Sp 1 C4B Examencito vocabulario – miercoles, el 15 de marzo

Extra Credit for proof of activities on Quizlet:

Write a dialogue in which two students are discussing what they want to do on the weekend. Include:

Student A:  Can you play __sport?

Student B:  No. I don’t know how to play sport.

Student A: Do you want to go to _event/activity?

Student B: I am sorry. I am very feeling word.

Student A: Would you like to another activity?

Student B: Great! At what time?

Student A: Let’s go at time.

Sp 3 – C3 Examen – jueves, el 16 de marzo

See practice test, quizlets from previous blogs and links for grammar: commands (tu +, tu -, ud. uds.), subjunctive (DISHES, regular, stem-changers, including “funky -ir verbs”)

Sp 2 – Speaking C3B – lunes, 13 de marzo

Skit for the Drive  – You and your partner are creating a skit for the drive that mimics what teachers are doing.  Student A sneaks around to watch what they are doing  and tells Student B (present progressive).  Student B directs other students how to act in the video (commands – direct individuals in class)  You must each speak at least 6 lines.

Sp 3 Presentacion del Caribe – lunes, el 13 de marzo

You will also make a presentation to the class in Spanish about your essay topic with  6-8 sentences in Spanish and at least 5 pictures. It must be memorized. You may put English translation on your slides.

This will be a summary of what you learned when researching for your essay and one of the most interesting facts that you learned.

At the time of presentation you will turn in one multiple choice or true/false question that you think is important enough to put on the quiz.

Sp 2 Examencito de C3B Gramatica – martes, el 7 de marzo

For the links below, select “Basic Quiz” from the left margin:

Direct Object Pronouns

Tu + Commands

Tu + Commands with DOPs

Present Progressive

Present Progressive with pronouns

Sp 3 C3B Speaking – miercoles, el 8 de marzo

En grupos de 2, cada estudiante debe hablar por lo menos seis (6) oraciones, por lo menos la mitad de las oraciones tiene que contener el subjuntivo.   Hay que incorporar en el diálogo problemas que solicitan consejos.

Ideas incluyen:

  • Un entrenador hablando a un grupo o a un individuo.
  • Un profesor hablando a una clase o a un estudiante
  • Un grupo de amigos dándose consejos sobre una relación significativa o un videojuego
  • Un doctor aconsejando a un(os) enfermo(s).
  • Un director de una película dirigiendo un(os) actors