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Sp 3 C3A Examencito de gramatica – viernes, el 30 de enero

Affirmative informal commands

Negative informal commands

Affirmative tu command online quiz

Formal commands

Formal commands online quiz


Sp 3 C3A Examencito de Vocabulario- jueves, el 22 de enero

Sp 3 Dia de comida 1/12 – 1st comment due – 1/12 8:00 a.m. / 2nd comment due – 1/13 8:00 a.m.

Each person or pair of students will bring in a dish/beverage from an authentic recipe from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Domican Republic. Monday during the regular class period.

1st comment – Scroll down to “Leave a Comment” and the leave the name of your recipe and describe your experience making this dish. Write at least 3 good sentences of your choice. You do not have to answer all of the questions. Where did you get the recipe? What country does it come from? How did you choose the recipe? Did it go smoothly or did you run into trouble? Were the ingredients easy to find? How did you know when it was done? Were you pleased with the results? (English or Spanish) (5 pts) THIS IS DUE BY 8:00 AM MONDAY.

2nd comment – Each student must also leave a comment on at least one recipe that is posted. This is for your reactions to the food– more than if you liked it or not. 1-2 good sentences of your choice. What did it taste like? Would you make this dish? Is there something in it that you didn’t like? (Be polite) Which dish did you try for the first time? Does it taste like something you have had before? When? Each comment will be moderated. (Spanish) (2 pts) THIS IS DUE 8:00 AM TUESDAY


Extra Credit – Go to Dos Hermanos in Westlamd. Record your visit of you telling attendant what you are making and asking for ingredient in espanol. 7 pts

Sp 3 p 108 & 110 Quizzipoo on Vocab, DOPS and IDOPs – miercoles, el 15 de enero

Food Vocab

Body Vocab



Sp 3 Review for Midterm

Midterm Review – Handed out in class

Speaking Rubric

Jeopardy Review

Preterite (irregularities)
y- verbs
e-i, o-u

Imperfect forms

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Ser vs. Estar (Read first then do Basic Quiz)

Past Participles

Sp 3 C2A Examencito de Gramatica – miercoles, el 12 de noviembre

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Estar + past participle (participios pasivos)

Sp 3 C2A Examencito de Vocab – martes, el 4 de noviembre

Quizlet (Contains some vocab from C2b)

Escriban de uno de los artistas. Write about one of the artists that you learned about in class.  Tell what form and/or genre of art the artist makes, what the artist used to make the art, who or what influenced the art or the themes of the art, and the feelings that their art gives you.  Use as much of the vocabulary on p 104 as possible.

Joan Miro

Dina Burzstyn

Carlos Enriquez

Diego Rivera

Osvaldo Guayasamin

Francisco de Goya

Diego Velazquez – Las meninas

Salvador Dali

Sp 3 Quizzipoo – C2 Recycle p 64-65 martes, el 21 de octubre

Here are some quizlets that might help:


Tan… como…

Mas… que / menos… que

Tan/tanto(a)(s)… como… (Read tutorial and take basic quiz)

Mas/menos… que…(Read tutorial and take basic quiz)

Sp 3 C1 Written Test – jueves, el 9 de octubre

miercoles – vamos a estudiar y escribir ensayo de cultura.

Review previous blogs for C1A vocab, C1A grammar, C1B vocab and C1B grammar

Sp 3 C1B Speaking Test – martes, el 7 de octubre

We will write scripts on Monday.