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Sp 1 Examencito de gramatica C1B -martes, el 18 de octubre

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Definite and indefinite articles

Word order: Placement of Adjectives


Sp 1 Examencito C1B Vocab – viernes, el 7 de octubre

Extra credito:

Sp 1 C1B Presentation

Refer to Quizlet:

Sp 2 C1B Examencito de vocabulario – jueves, el 6 de octubre

Extra Credit:

Writing prompt:

Write an essay about an extra-curricular activity. 1) Name the club or group, 2) mention what the people in the group are called, 3) tell what the people do (conjugate to present tense), then 4) name someone in the group and tell how long (hace que) they have been in the group.


Sp 3 Examencito de vocab C1B – jueves, el 6 de octubre

Extra Credito:

Writing prompt:

Think of a championship that you watched or played in.  Tell when it took place, who made a great effort, who eliminated who, who obtained the prize, and how the players that won or lost (you choose) felt.

(Address each item in bold above using the preterite and as much vocabulary from C1B as possible.)